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    Personal Development

      Digital Assessment + Coaching + Leadership Development + Experiential Learning

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    Trusted by professionals from leading
    companies & universities

    We believe that real transformation requires insights from:

    • Neuroscience & Psychology Leveraging scientific methods of personality profiling & behavioural group assessments
    • Experiential Learning Action-based transformational learning pedagogy based on latest research
    • Business Executives 1st hand experience with programmes run by senior executives & board members
    1st hand experience with programmes run by senior executives & board members
    Marcela Girón
    Associate Director, Career Development Center
    IESE Business School
    The workshops and mock interviews iLovetobe offer to our students help them prepare for some of the most difficult and competitive interview processes for MBAs. Partnering with such a professional team has had a big impact on our students’ performance on different fields as they provide a very specific and tailored feedback to help them improve their fit, motivation and technical skills.
    MBA Student
    I understood for the first time ever how I am really perceived in a group, my strengths, my weaknesses and how I could improve. Now I go to meetings as two people: the ‘Me’ that always went, and a "Myself" who observes the room dynamics as a third person giving constant feedback to alter strategies in the moment. Life changing.
    Nicolò Martinelli
    Sales Manager and Board Member at SAPICI S.p.A.
    SDA Bocconi
    The iLovetobe experience is simply amazing and extremely useful as a work and life experience. I had the chance to learn much more on the mechanism to deliver cleared and stronger messages, allowing me to reach the target while communicating with an audience. Taling part in their simulations, I learnt a lot from the dynamics of an international board of directors, different behaviours and attitudes as well as how to improve my syrategy to convince others about my vision and mission. I would recommend it to as many people as possible.
    Head of Career Services
    SDA Bocconi
    The effectiveness of the Authentic Presence Lab is immediate. With the help of vocal exercises and stage performances, participants focus on how to improve their interviewing skills and develop their leadership potential. Students end the session with personalized feedback on their areas of improvement. At SDA Bocconi we believe in the concept of developing executive presence and will run the program for the third time in 2020.
    Armen Keuleyan
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    Drone Delivery Canada (TSX:FLT)
    With the Leadership & Boardroom Dynamics we learnt a lot taking us out of the comfort zone. We simulated a board of directors and we understood the intricacies and different elements that play together in taking decisions. I am humble to be part of this experience, it was absolutely incredible. Thank you for this fantastic experience!
    Xenia Jarque Molins
    Associate Director - Employer Engagement
    The programme that iLovetobe delivers to ESADE students is the perfect platform for newly arrived candidates to quickly obtain a good understanding on the different available opportunities. They learn about possible roles, available programmes depending on their profiles, and what to expect in the challenging selection processes...
    Marissa C. McCloskey
    Strategy Consultant
    iLovetobe's Group Coaching is a great resource when looking for growth in your career and establishing a clear path forward. The group coaching sessions provide honest peer feedback and an opportunity to brainstorm and reflect on ideas one might not have come to with their own company. The coaches help create tools and action plans for each individual, allowing insight and suggestions you can apply yourself when needed, too. Overall, I highly recommend participating in coaching sessions at any and all stages in your career.
    Peter Kling
    MBA Student
    Grenoble Ecole de Management
    I was really impressed with how the iLovetobe team structured the day. They are tackling really important issues in the current situation. They broke them down in a fundamental way that it allowed us to digest what we did well and what we can improve moving forward in our career. All of the consultants are well experienced to be able to identify strong and weak areas for each of us. There was a lot of coaching fundamentals and it was not about telling us what to do and being directed, but an invitation to reflection. It is very personal what iLovetobe is helping with.

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