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    About Us

    Unlocking human potential and transforming the most important thing there is: Your Life!

    • Our mission is to transform individuals’ lives through immersive, experiential education experiences
    • We value diversity, equity and inclusion and believe that different backgrounds, experiences and ideas make us stronger
    • Combining our creative minds with our expertise, we form a tight-knit team focused on the journey of YOUR development and experience. Putting our strengths together we bring our A-game to bring out the best in you

    The Wizards behind the MAGIC...
    Who are we?

    Two life-long friends had a vision to revolutionise the career development of young high-potentials worldwide. During our mission we realised that we have touched on so much more than ‘only’ careers, we've transformed LIVES. Are you ready to transform yours?

    Co-founder / COO
    My primary passion has always been people; their different cultural backgrounds and the secrets of their motivation, choices and decision-making are the variables from which I build the matrix and enigma that I aim to crack. After working for 15 years in corporations, I understood "quite late" that it was not the right fit for me and it didn’t enable me to pursue my passion.
    I needed the two magic F's: “Finding” a business partner and “Founding” my own company. My specialism is personal development and transformation and I have developed my own interview, profiling, and coaching methods to guide professionals in navigating their professional and personal lives.
    Peak performance is my passion and making my coaches and course participants achieve the unthinkable. At the same time, what gives me real satisfaction is to help individuals “awaken” and embark with them on innovative avenues they hadn’t imagined before. Putting them together with ‘the right’ people to do so and achieve their dreams is when the real magic happens, for me.
    I do this by creating immersive learning experiences. In my role I have made it my priority to oversee product development, strategy and the smooth delivery of our training and yet, what I love most is working with people ‘on the ground’. As part of this, I have coached and facilitated 25,000+ professionals and led several immersive simulations and assessment centres.
    In my work, I draw on my background as a psychologist, business executive and my experiences across the fields of neuroscience, and mathematics. I have 25 years' professional experience in several countries across financial services, energy and defence industries.
    Personally, I love to challenge the status quo admittedly in a stubborn way 🙂. I am an innovator at heart, but an advocator for “free thinking” as opposed to applying frameworks.
    Co-founder / CEO
    My Motto is: “Learning as Becoming”.
    I am passionate about identity work through experiential learning and see learning as a lifelong journey of growing as a human being. As such, I am dedicated to creating truly transformational education experiences through immersive and experiential learning activities that enable us to unlock our potential.
    Scaling and making experiential learning accessible through technology, such as the metaverse, is a particular interest of mine. I geeked out so much on my passion that I dedicated my PhD research to this!
    Before finding my calling, I worked in large corporations (within Investment Banking and Consulting) across five countries. My most interesting learnings were understanding which type of profiles ‘made’ it in these industries and what it took to get to the top and remain there. This sparked my interest in profiling, personality assessment and leadership development.
    Since, I am a ‘doer’ and get easily bored sitting and observing... I decided to share my learnings and have been working with over 25,000 executives and high potentials on their careers and personal development through coaching, lecturing, and experiential simulations.
    Before the pandemic, I spent 180+ days per year on an aeroplane, travelling around to deliver these sessions. The pandemic has allowed me to learn again and build technology that can make these experiences accessible to everyone.

    General Managers (Magician)

    Programme Manager
    At iLovetobe, Nichola is the Programme Manager and as such she is responsible for the organisation of our educational programmes, developed for and delivered to MBA/EMBA/Masters students at business schools across Europe.. Nichola is an experienced business operations specialist with a proven track record working with SMEs and start-ups, providing operations and project management support. She also manages our network of accredited coaches and industry experts, based around the globe, who provide professional and industry advice as part of these programmes.
    Head of Transformational Learning & Leadership Education
    Georges’ extensive career includes 25 years as CEO of leading corporations, as Senior Partner in a major consulting firm, and more recently as President and Dean of a leading business school. He is an expert in critical multi-dimensional phases such as new business launches and transformation programmes as well as education and training programmes. He is a fellow of the Institute of Directors, Lt Colonel (rc) Air Force and holds a PhD in Economics. His over 40 years of professional life extend across the five continents in several distinct domains from management to engineering. He has published numerous articles and books on business, economics, innovation and management and is a writer and columnist.
    FMCG & Industrial Lead
    Ivana has over 17 years of marketing, brand management and business development experience in the FMCG and Pharma industries, in companies such as Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. She managed a team of 25 people across EMEA countries, had regional and global brand responsibilities, recruited, trained and mentored teams. Ivana is also an ICF accredited transformational coach and yoga and mindfulness teacher.
    Coaching Lead
    Enrico has coached 1,500+ clients from all over the world, working in all types of industries, from recent graduates to senior management. He is a learning and development professional and psychometrics specialist. He has 13 years' experience in Organisational Development and Learning & Development across local government, in one of the Big 4 (PwC), in higher education, and in an investment bank in the “City” (Macquarie Bank), specialising in psychometric assessments for selection and development. He is a
    qualified coach and a certified career counsellor.
    Finance Lead
    Filippo is a Portfolio Manager at a large asset management company with several years of experience in all asset classes, with a background in corporate finance and financial analysis. Filippo is a CFA® charter holder and a certified ESG analyst. He attended EDHEC Business School where he completed a Double Degree Master in Management/MSc in Risk & Finance.
    Consulting and Strategy Lead
    Anastasiya has over 12 years of experience in financial analysis and strategy at leading institutions such as Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank and UBS. She is a strategist and has excelled in the finance consulting and the fintech sectors in addition to holding a Master in Management from ESCP Europe . She’s currently the Director of Strategy & Special Projects at UBS. She is also a coach and has worked with 40+ nationalities.
    Programme Coordinator
    Olga is the Programme Coordinator and data analyst (geek!) at iLovetobe. She has a quantitative background in physics and is currently finalising her Masters in Education at UCL (London). Being passionate about education, especially on how learning can change societies and lives. Olga has embarked on several international experiences (working a numerous NGOs and grassroots projects) in Ethiopia, India and the US. Her projects included delivering educational programmes for underprivileged children and co-ordinating partnerships between schools. On the “quanty” she is experienced in data handling and analysis in the corporate and non-profit sectors.
    team members

    Our M A G I C A L mindset

    • Motivated

      Committed and passionate about supporting students to build fulfilling careers

    • Authentic

      We value truthful and honest communication delivered with integrity

    • Growth*

      We widen horizons, stretch imaginations and develop skills and confidence

    • Innovative

      We apply the latest methods and tools to deliver a superior service to our clients

    • Change

      We encourage, support and challenge our clients to change

    • Agile

      Flexible and able to quickly adapt to the changing environment to tailor products to the needs of our clients

    • Learning

      We are curious experts who share our knowledge whilst learning from each other

    How we do it

    Today, our philosophy for human transformation is:

    • to take a holistic and multi-lens approach through which we identify and unlock your potential
    • we rethink identifying talent and transformative education by creating customised solutions that enable organisations, entrepreneurs, VCs, business schools and individuals to reach their goals
    • we approach work through our MAGICAL Mindset

    Contact us

    If you want to learn more about how we can work with you or you would like a tailored-made solution, reach out to us.