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    ILovetobe - Trusted by professionals working for leading companies

    Our solutions are unique using a multi-lens approach

    • Experiential Lens We have a strong action-based assessment centre component where we surface behaviours and personalities under typical real-life pressure environments that leaders face
    • Executive Lens Our consultants include senior executives and board directors to advise from a business perspective
    • Clinical Lens Our consultants include psychoanalysts and psychologists to uncover unconscious and invisible behavioural traits and personality aspects
    • Scientific Lens We use the scientifically most advanced and validated leadership inventory instruments to assess potential, personality and competencies
    • Systemic Lens Leaders never act alone, which is why we can profile behavioural traits in groups and future teams
    Leaders never act alone, which is why we can profile behavioural traits in groups and future teams


    Assessment & Profiling

    Powerful and insightful leadership assessments to avoid potential career pitfalls, discover personality shades, focusing on assessment in groups with a psychological lens and leadership competencies.


    We take care of your entire recruiting process – or just the aspects you need most. We search and select the best specialised middle management profiles and leverage our board experience to support organisations in their C-level recruitment.

    iDentity Coaching

    Our holistic approach to accompany personal and professional development for early career stages, transitions into leadership roles and getting to the top.

    Leadership Development

    Understanding the authentic self with a psychodynamic approach, making the often invisible emotional motivation patterns in organisations visible through drawings.

    Co-create experiential and hands-on simulations, based on group & leadership dynamics, system psychodynamics to increase your organization’s performance.

    Academy & Curriculum Building

    Design and run the newest leadership development courses with us and our network of top professors and coaches globally.

    Robson Joiner Dos Santos
    Business Intelligence Manager
    iLovetobe's Group Dynamics experience was a mixture of business experience and personal feelings, and how you mix and match both for group solutions. Everybody had different professional backgrounds and different ethical dilemmas. The activity is designed to mixture all together to simulate real life situations in the business world. I liked very much how this talked with our personality, feelings and ethics.
    Armen Keuleyan
    Director of Sales & Marketing at Drone Delivery Canada
    Drone Delivery Canada (TSX:FLT)
    With the Leadership & Boardroom Dynamics we learnt a lot taking us out of the comfort zone. We simulated a board of directors and we understood the intricacies and different elements that play together in taking decisions. I am humble to be part of this experience, it was absolutely incredible. Thank you for this fantastic experience!
    Marissa C. McCloskey
    Strategy Consultant
    iLovetobe's Group Coaching is a great resource when looking for growth in your career and establishing a clear path forward. The group coaching sessions provide honest peer feedback and an opportunity to brainstorm and reflect on ideas one might not have come to with their own company. The coaches help create tools and action plans for each individual, allowing insight and suggestions you can apply yourself when needed, too. Overall, I highly recommend participating in coaching sessions at any and all stages in your career.
    Florence Da Costa
    Career Advisor
    EDHEC Business School
    At EDHEC we have boosted our placements across Masters programs largely thanks to iLovetobe’s excellent training, especially thanks to Laszlo and Jana. Having worked with iLovetobe for many years, we have always found them to be a great professional resource for our team and students.

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