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    Executive Coaching

    Avoid potential career derailers, the dark side of personality, assessment in groups, clinical lens & leadership lens

    iDentity Coaching

    Early career stages, transitions into leadership roles and getting to the top of an organisation require different approaches for coaching to accompany personal and professional growth. iDentity is our solution

    • growth-based coaching, competency development, building up resilience as well as career advancement topics
    • developing professional identity and becoming a leader, understanding organisational complexities and impacting and empowering others
    • typically working on balancing professional and personal lives and identities that are crucial to succeeding in C-suite positions

    Leadership Development
    Group Coaching

    Understanding the authentic self by working with others, leveraging on the results of a psychodynamic approach

    • understanding the authentic self by working with the unconscious through drawings workshop (clinical / system psychodynamic approach)
    • making the often invisible emotional motivation patterns in organisations visible
    • leveraging one of the most scientifically validated 360 feedback tools there is

    High Performance
    Team Coaching

    Helps team members to gain insights and practice different behaviours to improve their individual and group effectiveness

    • we facilitate learning for the team as a whole, finding ways that your team members can gain insight and practice different behaviours to improve their individual and team member effectiveness
    • we guide team members in sharing unsuccessful strategies so others may avoid the same difficulties
    • teams understand the complex organisational dynamics in which they operates and increase their motivation to help the organisation to succeed

    Entrepreneurship Coaching

    Creates accountability and allows CEOs and entrepreneurs to follow through on their goals of increased revenues, reduced costs, or profitability, developing strategic relationships to impact your success

    • scaling your company in terms of potential, product or geographical reach through our dedicated coaching for entrepreneurs
    • getting investments for the next stage of your venture
    • expanding across geographies and product lines

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    Customised Programmes

    What’s unique about
    our coaching approach?

    • AI Powered Coaching Process
    • Scientific Profiling
    • Identity Based
    Marissa C. McCloskey
    Strategy Consultant
    SDA Bocconi Alumni
    iLovetobe's Group Coaching is a great resource when looking for growth in your career and establishing a clear path forward. The group coaching sessions provide honest peer feedback and an opportunity to brainstorm and reflect on ideas one might not have come to with their own company. The coaches help create tools and action plans for each individual, allowing insight and suggestions you can apply yourself when needed, too. Overall, I highly recommend participating in coaching sessions at any and all stages in your career.

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