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    Know Yourself

    Combine the power of scientific psychometric profiling and our fully immersive action-based simulations to boost your students’ career advancement.

    Psychometric Profiling & Coaching

    • Understand your students’ personality traits and behavioural preferences crucial to finding the best potential career paths from Day 1.
    • Grow students’ self-awareness and boost their career advancement through our coaching programme, building upon our psychometric profiling.
    • Co-create specific development programmes for your entire class profile with us.
    • Get access to the most sophisticated tools available (i.e. HOGAN assessments) to develop your students and executives.

    Setting the Tone (Wake-Up Call)

    • offer an action-based experience to your entire intake that your students will never
    • get immediate insights into your students’ career readiness and development areas
      through this fully immersive simulation
    • get actionable 360-degree feedback from our 100+ international industry and recruiting
      experts on the most important improvement areas for each student
    • combine group dynamics and individual pitches for career advancers, changers and

    What’s unique about
    our "Know Yourself" Programme?

    • Action-based assessments and simulations
    • Personality, leadership and behavioural assessments
    • Delivered by international industry experts
    • Live, virtual and hybrid
    Axel Kotnik
    MSc Finance Student
    Stockholm School of Economics
    The Wake-Up Call was a true deep-dive into my personal brand projection. The consultants provided me with insights on complex needs in my area of interest. A few weeks after the event, I was recruited by my dream employer in London. I know that the lessons learnt at the Wake-Up Call were critical to this success and I recommend it to everyone!
    MBA Student
    The Wake-up-Call felt like a shock to the system that left you shivering from wind-chill but hugely impactful. The personal feedback was individual, direct and actionable and the group work was eye-opening, bringing out behaviours and traits that are downplayed in the honeymoon ‘getting-to-know-you’ phase.
    Assistant Director, Employer Engagement, MiM
    The iLovetobe's session was an absolute must for INSEAD's first ever MiM class. Operating in a fully virtual setting, our students were able to experience first-hand an Assessment Centre. The expert consultants were highly knowledgeable and provided our students with the honest and constructive feedback needed to improve their performance. iLovetobe was able to adjust the content to a diverse range of sectors providing a highly personalised experience. Thank you for such an exceptional service!
    MBA Student
    I understood for the first time ever how I am really perceived in a group, my strengths, my weaknesses and how I could improve. Now I go to meetings as two people: the ‘Me’ that always went, and a "Myself" who observes the room dynamics as a third person giving constant feedback to alter strategies in the moment. Life changing.
    Suhasa Gottumukkala
    MBA Student
    Grenoble Ecole de Management
    My experience was really great. I am still amazed by how quickly the consultants adapted to online assessment. One of the major things I learnt was about body language and there was nothing lost in the way they communicated our positive and negative aspects in this online format. As a group and individually we now know where we stand and where we need to go. Thank you so much for giving us such important lessons that we can now apply not just in our career but also personally.
    Peter Kling
    MBA Student
    Grenoble Ecole de Management
    I was really impressed with how the iLovetobe team structured the day. They are tackling really important issues in the current situation. They broke them down in a fundamental way that it allowed us to digest what we did well and what we can improve moving forward in our career. All of the consultants are well experienced to be able to identify strong and weak areas for each of us. There was a lot of coaching fundamentals and it was not about telling us what to do and being directed, but an invitation to reflection. It is very personal what iLovetobe is helping with.

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